"Kalna ligzda"

A three-star-hotel “Kalna Ligzda” located on the approaches to the town Smiltene, at historical area of Kalnamuiza. Manor has received guests from countries around the world for twenty-five years. The town centre is quite near, but walking to the Kalna Ligzda requires climbing up the 120-step stairs.



Our hotel is located at the area of Kalnamuiza, where is origin of Smiltene town with the Castle of the Sword Brothers Order, later on connected with such names as Baron von Brown, trader Bandav and philanthropy Prince Paul von Liven. Near the hotel you can see the old Castle ruins of the Order, wodden houses of the Manor, the old cheese house, the stewards house with the arms’safe, hunting-dog house and other buildings surrounded by the beautiful park that looks like a fairy-tale land during all the seasons.

You are welcome to the “Paul  von Liven paths” and learn about Kalnamuiza and Smiltene.


Single room 30.00 EUR

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One single bed without any extra bed available.Bathroom offers a shower and free toilet articles.The room has free WiFi, TV connection.Non-smoker rooms.

Single room 35.00 EUR
Double room 50.00 EUR
Twin room 50.00 EUR
Family room 60.00 EUR
Family room 82.00 EUR

Hotel offer staying for twenty-seven guests-single, double, twin, family rooms with all the comfort.

Room rate (breakfast included)
Single room: 25-35 EUR
Double room: 50EUR
Family room (tree beds):60 EUR
Family room (four beds): 82 EUR
16-person groups: 22 EUR
Extra bed: 22 EUR
Children under three- free
Children between 4 -12:13.50 EUR
Pets from 4.30 EUR – 8.60 EUR


+371 26556681

+371 26556681


Smiltene Manor Complex and Casle Ruins of the German Sword Brothers Order

The Smiltene Manor Complex is located on the steep banks of Vidusezers. It is called Kalnamuiza. The Manor buildings where built between 1767-1771 during the ownership of Governor General Brown of Vidzeme. Later on the Manor was sold to a trader Bandau in Riga. Prince Paul von Liven`s mother bought it in  1893 and gave it to her son as a present. The following years brought a rapid development of Smiltene under Prince Paul von Liven.

There are several buildings that can be seen nowadays, such as: steward`s house, ice-cellar, hunter`s and dog lodge, stable, silo, barn with old weather- vanes and ruins of the German Order Castle with cheese house (1763). Govermment of Latvia nationalized the Manor and there was set up a one- year school of dairing in 1922. Smiltene tehnikums has been teaching young people from all regions of Latvia so far.


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Castle Ruins of the German Sword-Brothers Order
Cheese house
Sightseeing around Smiltene and Kalnamuiza, delicacy degustation
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Istabu skaits: 10

Gultasvietu skaits: 23 + 4 papildvietas

Cena bez brokastīm

No 20,00 – 62,00 EUR
Bērniem līdz 3 gadu vecumam nakšņošana bez maksas.


+371 26556681
E-pasts: hotelkalnaligzda@inbox.lv

Kalnamuiža-7, Smiltenes pagasts, Smiltenes novads, LV -4729


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